Cyclists and Boarders Know! Cardoors are a Deathtraps! When you hear a "Click" get out of the way fast! Watch Out! Always look inside parked cars as you pass! Look for faces in the side mirrors! Assume every door you pass will suddenly be thrown open! Taxi cab passengers are the worst! Be extra careful around taxis! Take the Lane! Keep riding! Don't be afraid, be aware! We pay taxes and have the same rights to operate on the streets! Don't give up the fight! You car drivers out there Remember to check your mirrors! Then check again just before you open your door! Cyclists and Boarders can appear faster than you might think! Always assume a cyclists or boarder is about to pass your door! Lets work together! Share the streets! We can prevent these types of accidents! An injury to one is an injury to all!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Matthew Pickett, Cambridge, MA

Cambridge gives away or at least did give away stickers for side mirrors that remind the driver to look before opening their car door. You put em right on the mirror where the usual "objects in this mirror" text goes. It is a nice idea. My brother-in law Charlie had his good friend Dana run over and killed by an MBTA bus a few years ago. She clipped an opening door of an SUV and lost control of her bike and was run over by the bus. There was no way for the bus to have stopped in time. She was a brilliant and charming woman who apparently had even gone kayaking in Alaska on her own. Many of her friends and family feared for her survival on that trip (one of many adventures apparently). I didn't really know her...these are just some of the stories I heard at her wake. I ride all the time and have been doored twice and almost doored numerous times. Be careful out there, cut your bars narrow, make sure your brakes are adjusted properly, wear a helmut and watch for drivers sitting in parked cars. That will give you a little advance warning they may open their door unexpectedly. Watch out for cabs the most though, passengers get out all the time without looking. Even if a cab appears to be waiting at a light the passenger may pay there and get out. It has happened to me twice recently. I stopped in time but it was close. Be careful out there.

--Matthew Pickett

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