Cyclists and Boarders Know! Cardoors are a Deathtraps! When you hear a "Click" get out of the way fast! Watch Out! Always look inside parked cars as you pass! Look for faces in the side mirrors! Assume every door you pass will suddenly be thrown open! Taxi cab passengers are the worst! Be extra careful around taxis! Take the Lane! Keep riding! Don't be afraid, be aware! We pay taxes and have the same rights to operate on the streets! Don't give up the fight! You car drivers out there Remember to check your mirrors! Then check again just before you open your door! Cyclists and Boarders can appear faster than you might think! Always assume a cyclists or boarder is about to pass your door! Lets work together! Share the streets! We can prevent these types of accidents! An injury to one is an injury to all!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Taxicab "Look Before You Leap" Campaign // San Francisco

I had thought about trying to get my stickers into cab windows. The closest I came was to stick a random one on the back of a seat here and there. Unfortunately I was not organized or funded well enough to get the idea off the ground. The good news is however The San Francisco Bike Coalition did a great thing back in 04 by teaming up with the city and some Taxi companies by securing placement of these stickers in taxi windows to promote the awareness of the potential of getting into a Car door accident while exiting a taxi cab.

I haven't found any statistics to prove that they have been effective or not but I'll tell you this, It can't hurt.


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jrmlac said...

This is such a god idea! why don't they do this in more cities?